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Turn Your Information Into Intelligence (microsoft BizTalk solutions)

Corporations today operate on multiple computing platforms. Information flows not only across the corporation but between customers, partners and suppliers across the globe.

The ultimate quest is to unite these systems to release the true potential of the organization.

Ionia has the knowledge and expertise to help clients in this ever evolving quest.

We are technology consultants that understand business process. We seek first to understand your business and then recommend and deploy technologies which will enable you to reach your business goals.

No Consultant can be an expert in all technology platforms. At Ionia, our solutions are created using Microsoft , and other technology platforms such as Google and Amazon to create innovative cost effective solutions for our clients.

Our technology expertise include:

Ionia BizTalk

SOA Consulting Services

Ionia BizTalk

Microsoft SharePoint

Ionia BizTalk

Microsoft BizTalk

Ionia BizTalk

Let Ionia’s service-oriented Architecture and Business Process Management solutions give your business a competitive advantage!

Software Solutions

Ionia BizTalk
Reach For The Cloud ( Automation:
Customer Service
Sophisticated Work Flow Automation
Learn More Development:
Custom Applications Custom
Customer and Supplier Portals
Learn More Integrations:
Marketing Programs
Application Exchange
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