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Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture is today’s most efficient, scalable, and reliable solution development methodology. It is the latest advancement in distributed computing and has quickly become popular amongst enterprises due to all its numerous advantages. SOAs allow businesses to combine their requirements and IT infrastructure while reducing their development expenditures. Using a service-oriented approach provides for quick compilation and reduces the possibility of failure. As SOA consultants, let Ionia’s technology experience and expertise help you to develop and implement solutions that support your strategy, ensure your agility and drive your business.

Benefits of using SOA

1) Modernize and improve your business by merging systems

  • SOA concentrates on extracting the various methods and information of numerous systems and making them easily accessible in one program. This allows for an increase in efficiency and organization, which, in turn, accelerates a business’s profits.

2) Increase your company’s dexterity and agility

  • Due to the thorough organization which SOA provides, a business has the ability to create, direct, observe and manage their processes quickly and effectively.

3) Operate and utilize preexisting investments

  • Fortunately, SOA is able to operate and utilize preexisting investments, establishing beneficial modifications in IT infrastructure at a business’s individual rate.

While Business Process Management (BPM) is a separate management approach with an alternative objective, Ionia realizes the benefits of combining it with SOA to produce a more efficient and effective business. BPM projects emphasize the mutual necessities of a company, complimenting the value of SOA systems.

Ionia provides a multitude of SOA & BPM services to help your business succeed:

  • BizTalk Server (BTS)

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

  • Workflow Foundation (WF)

  • System Center

  • SQL Server and Data Programmbility

  • Visual Studio (VSTS)

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)